Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mission must be completed

Apart from the shoes design course & vintage buying business, my other mission-must-be-completed in london is to buy these shoes:

The Wing Platform Shoes by Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Before the trip, i went to the library looking for shoes design book & prepare for the course, and i found a book of VW shoes collection and saw the original design was in 1988 (ss)!! How brilliant Vivienne Westwood is!

And i soon fall in love with these shoes from wanted to buy to must buy! It is never a easy path to find your love. The first day i went to the VW shop, it was closed! and of course i am not giving up and went straight to Liberty and i saw it sparkling on the display table, however as i said, it is never easy to get what you want...all color were sold except the black marble one in size 39! be a size 37 gal, even how much i love it, you are not going to settle for this...right? as soon as i decided to go to VW shop the next day, my eyes started wander around these shoes paradise...i tried on the Acne Agate Heels, the givenchy sandles, the sale mui mui/ marni/mcqueen shoes, i love them all, but my heart still save for my Wings. Challenging enough to leave Liberty with bare hands & wallet save, i finally got my Love in the VW shop next day! I thought i would take the black marble one but i found myself better with the white! :)


White pocket Dress: COS (my new love found in london, a sweden brand)/ Leggings: H&M/ Socks: Muji/ Wing Platform Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa/ Bag: Vintage/ Gold Ribbon Ring: Accessorize

A bit of the trip 01

It's been actually quite awhile since my last time to London & Paris but mentally i feel like i've been there few months ago & when i landed in a fuzzy morning in the LHR airport, i couldnt help to say"hi london, it's you (& me)again! ".

You might know why i come here for the shoes design course in Central St. Martins AND my seriously serious vintage buying business. Having trouble sleeping in a baby crying plane and too early to check in my hostel at 7:30am, sitting at the common area in the hostel, using 30mins to clear my mind and found that it is best to find some place familiar with and comfortable. You know what is it? It is PAUL!! the cafe! i go straight to Leicester square & meet my beloved Paul feeling myself home...
It was such a sunny sunday, and nothing more important than going to flea market and do my business, vintage hunting!

It is my dream job, fashion buying.