Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Japanese Shoes

I love shoes, to a point that lead me to learn making shoes.
To prepare myself to London in April for the shoes design course, i start searching books about shoes making/design, and to revise some technical terms. I wish i could develop a hand-made shoes collection someday.
I found this
"吉靴房"'s Japanese shoes at SOU. SOU for about half-year and still couldnt forget it. It is never easy to make "simple" design and with such nice craft. I will definitely have it in my wardrobe!

*photo from SOU.SOU


Anonymous said...



Galit said...

These are both cool and marvelous!
It looks like they float in the air!

Benny Leung Tsz Fung said...

ho Ling ar....
its for girls or man??

Wallis said...

esther: Yea, it is kind of like samurai's shoes design!!

Galit: like a little boat! :)

Fung: It didnt specify but i think for both, coz the size runs to 29