Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fall 2010- Favourite 01

Forget about wearability, (although i still think they are wearable in many areas) Ghesquière is pushing things forward with his talent skill which we desperately needed before, today & in the future.
Geometric, structural with rounded edge, stiff yet padded which very much like the Fall 08 collection but a softer version. The bright colors combo was continue from spring. Very Ghesquière and so the innovation & surprise!

Look at these extraordinary shoes! Plywood, marble pattern used in furnitures & interiors became the cover sheet & blocked heels. Chucky & architectural. Three levels of vamp make a completion. 1. heeled loafers

2. at ankle

3. at middle shank.
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Galit said...

Amazing!! Love this collection and I think it is wearable when mixing with more relaxed shapes and patterns.
The shoes made me loose a heartbeat! Adorable