Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mission must be completed

Apart from the shoes design course & vintage buying business, my other mission-must-be-completed in london is to buy these shoes:

The Wing Platform Shoes by Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Before the trip, i went to the library looking for shoes design book & prepare for the course, and i found a book of VW shoes collection and saw the original design was in 1988 (ss)!! How brilliant Vivienne Westwood is!

And i soon fall in love with these shoes from wanted to buy to must buy! It is never a easy path to find your love. The first day i went to the VW shop, it was closed! and of course i am not giving up and went straight to Liberty and i saw it sparkling on the display table, however as i said, it is never easy to get what you want...all color were sold except the black marble one in size 39! be a size 37 gal, even how much i love it, you are not going to settle for this...right? as soon as i decided to go to VW shop the next day, my eyes started wander around these shoes paradise...i tried on the Acne Agate Heels, the givenchy sandles, the sale mui mui/ marni/mcqueen shoes, i love them all, but my heart still save for my Wings. Challenging enough to leave Liberty with bare hands & wallet save, i finally got my Love in the VW shop next day! I thought i would take the black marble one but i found myself better with the white! :)


White pocket Dress: COS (my new love found in london, a sweden brand)/ Leggings: H&M/ Socks: Muji/ Wing Platform Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa/ Bag: Vintage/ Gold Ribbon Ring: Accessorize

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mel said...

wow these shoes are so awesome! i am in love:) vivienne westwood and melissa shoes are genius..they are so fab together